The Legend of Kyrandia: Hand of Fate Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Main menu
You have a role of Zanthia in this sequel.
Town Gate - how to get in!?
To tell the truth, I never figured how can they paint such an amazing image, and it has 256 colors. On what way were they painting... huh!
Whow, what a woman! I guess Westwood made woman main role before Tomb Rider.
Love hurts.
Whow! Holy-smokes... who needs inspiration with this!
A screen from the German version
Zanthia's spellbook (German version)
Cozy looking house
Kyrandian countryside
Kyrandian cruiser
Look, a dragon!
Mountains in the background
Something's fishy - a Kyrandian prison
Whoa! Zanthia playing Marilyn monroe?
Zanthia going to fix the wheels of fate, Rambo style!
Zanthia isn't afraid of a crystal T. Rex
Outside my home
In the woods
Those weeds look dangerous.
Near an odd looking tree
The ferry man is a fairy.
A cross way in the woods
Outside Herb's shack
Inside Herb's shack
Zanthia's not only cute but strong as well
The treasure is waiting for you
Make a special potion in this special area
Only you aren't scared to go to this island
Use the aerial tramway to climb the moutains
You can make a rainbow if you have a good memory
A telepathic conversation with Faun (Polish version - probably amateur, but a good translation apart from a few silly errors)
Drying up on Volcania - doesn't Zanthia look cute in this bathrobe and towel turban? (Polish version)
At the lift (Polish version)
At Yeti's place (Polish version)
Cannibal island (Polish version) - you can get there if you DON'T do something...
Cannibal island (Polish version) - actually, there is an item which can let you escape their cauldron and get back to the ship...