The Legend of Kyrandia Credits


Lead ProgrammingScott K. Bowen
Additional ProgrammingQuing Yuan
MusicFrank Klepacki
SoundPatrick J. Collins, Paul S. Mudra, Dwight Kenichi Okahara
PackagingLisa A. Ballan, Lauren Rifkin
Quality AssuranceJesse Clemit, William F. Foster, Michael Gater, Michael S. Glosecki, Michael Lightner, Eugene Martin, Justin Norr, Glenn Sperry, Top Star Computer Service
Special Thanks ToIzzy Izaguirre, Lisa Marcinko, Kevin Norr, Jeff Wagoner
Writing / Dialogue / StoryMichael Legg, Brett W. Sperry
U.K. ProductionSteven Clark, John Martin, Robert McGrath, Matthew Spall, Catherine Spratt
CastHarley Akers (Kallak), Patrick J. Collins (Nolby), David E. Cousins (Treeface), Elena Ferrante (Faun), Gregg Hodges (Will 'O' Wisp), Gloria Hoffman (Brandywine), Gary W. Hyatt (Pseudobushia, Malcolm, Herman), Joseph D. Kucan (Brandon), Karen Lynn White (Will 'O' Wisp), Brett Sears (Brynn), Richard Smith (Darm), Julie Stainer (Katherine), Ginalyn Torrecilla (Zanthia), Michael Webster (Merith)
Recorded byToto Zara (at Midiworks, Las Vegas)
Producer & Voice Direction byJennifer Sward
Product ManagerScott J. Duckett, Lyle J. Hall
ArtistsElie Arabian, Joseph B. Hewitt IV, Ren Olsen, Rick Parks, Judith Peterson, Aaron E. Powell, Louise Sandoval, Eric Shults

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