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Lemmings (DOS)

Advertising Blurbs

UK Magazine Ad October 1992:

    Lemmings are very cute but also very zany!

    They will mindlessly walk off cliffs, fall into deep waters, and stumble into deadly traps unless you can help them to get their act together.

    You can do this by endowing the rascals with valuable skills and powers. Lightning decisions and razor sharp reactions complete your arsenal... but don't forget, a
    blocker, a rogue miner or even a misplaced builder could mean the bitter end for every Lemming on screen!

    Contributed by Mr Almond (2567) on Apr 10, 2006.

Back of Box - CD-ROM Edition:


    Take command of the wackiest collection of misdirected rodents ever seen on your screen

    Help guide these clueless green-haired critters on their romp through 120 levels of intellectually challenging gameplay. Building, bashing, digging, floating, mining, climbing, and exploding their way across the screen.

    You take the Lemmings through their perilous journey to the exit and onto the next level. Winner of over 120 international awards, Lemmings brings hours of fun for people of all ages and features full sound board support.


    Non-violent, puzzle oriented, intellectual game play that's fun for players of all ages.

    Marketing activities that capitalize on the world wide recognition of the Lemmings game characters.

    Lemmings is a winner of over 20 national and international awards

    Contributed by Corn Popper (69724) on Mar 31, 2003.