Written by  :  Robert Teichmann (455)
Written on  :  Aug 28, 2000
Platform  :  DOS

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Unique gameplay, fun and addicting.

The Good

I never really liked the later sequels of the game, but the first Lemmings is for sure one of the games I remember best from my Amiga days. It had a very original game idea, very cute graphics and was extremly addicting. I remember having finished all levels until that (*spoiler*) applaud scene. The level design in general was great, varied and you never got bored of it until you've made it through the last puzzle. And the music... one lovely tune after the other!

The Bad

The PC conversion was disappointing. The nice intro has been left out. The music has lost much of its charm on the AdLib sound-card and the graphics didn't feel right in some way. But I can't think of anything wrong with the game in general.

The Bottom Line

This game has probably been played to death due to far too many sequels. But it sure is a mile-stone in gaming history.