Written by  :  Professor (107)
Written on  :  Apr 07, 2002
Platform  :  DOS

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Great.... up to a point

The Good

Psygnosis found wonderful ways to be creative with their little puzzle construction set called Lemmings (and its successors). I determined this was going to be the first game I actually finished (I don't usually stay with a given game very long). As I recall, I stalled out somewhere around level 64, where I hit a puzzle I just couldn't handle. A year later, I saw a strat book in a bookseller with the secrets to all the puzzles. I grabbed it and looked up my problem level. The book commented that this was the game's real stumper, where most people ran out of steam. Well - I object on principle to a game that has a stumper you can't get beyond. I figure I paid for all 100 levels, and I got cheated out of the last third of them. More modern games provide ways around "impossible" levels or situations, but Lemmings had no safety net. And that's the only strike I have against it.

The Bad

Well, I guess I said my peace, above.

The Bottom Line

Addictive puzzler with wacky mammals