Les Manley in: Lost in L.A. Credits (DOS)

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Les Manley in: Lost in L.A. Credits


The CastRick Barba (Video Director), Allyson Beaulieu (Maladonna), Rob Bonham (Dr. Nick), Richard Booroojian (Lou), Dena Brautovich (Cristy), Laurrah Burns (Zombie #2), Justin R. Chin (Mad Wax), Jeff Hoff (Video Assistant), Mark Kibort (Abe Goldstein), Tracy Kibort (LaFonda Turner), David King (Studio Guard), Karen Kuomas (Misty), Caitlin Lavitsky (Monique), Russell Lieblich (Tony Leoni), Mike Matheson (Murry), Johnny Orason (Les Manley), Lynne Parmley (Zombie #1), Danny Pisano (Lance), Jeff Rianda (Helmut Bean), Krista Sleadd (Dominique), Dina Marie Valentone (Rainbow), Jeff Wagner (Luther Blue)
Lead DesignSteve Cartwright
ProducerSam Nelson
Art DirectorJustin R. Chin
Spanish translationRandall Mage
StorySteve Cartwright, Justin R. Chin, Rick Barba, Sam Nelson, Jeff Hoff
WritersRick Barba, Steve Cartwright, Cyndi Kirkpatrick, Sam Nelson, Keith Orr, Jerry Pape
Lead AnimatorBonnie Borucki
AnimatorsBeckett Gladney, Jeff Sturgeon, Taunya Gren, Matt Davison
Lead Background ArtistJanet Strong
Background ArtistsBeckett Gladney, Peter Mitchell-Dayton, Caitlin Mitchell-Dayton, Judy Sakai, Mike Nowak, Scott Sava
Make‑UpJustin R. Chin, Taunya Gren, Matt Davison
VideoJustin R. Chin, Matt Davison, Steve Cartwright, Jeff Sturgeon, Taunya Gren
MusicRussell Lieblich, Russell Shiffer, Ken Allen
TechnologySteve Cartwright, Bob Smith, Michael Berlyn
Cover Artwork byBoris Vallejo

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