Les Manley in: Lost in L.A. (DOS)

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Written by  :  jossiejojo (41)
Written on  :  Aug 21, 2005
Rating  :  4.2 Stars4.2 Stars4.2 Stars4.2 Stars4.2 Stars

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Short, facile, puerile and silly: I loved it

The Good

This is a game you'll either love or hate.

There are two groups of people who'll hate it 1) puzzle masochists who are happy wasting hours of their lives on games with impossible puzzles, and 2) the politically correct who object to games where all the women characters are blonde, buxom and wearing bikinis. (The thing is, both these groups of people would actually secretly like it, but would be afraid to admit it publically!)

I can honestly say I wish there were more games as short, easy and sexist as this. No lugging around 20 or 30 things in a bulging inventory: in Lost in LA you rarely carry more than 3. And no need for resorting to a walkthrough or for revisiting locations a million times. Instead the story, silly and basic though it is, whizzes along, and the plot and characters carry you through the game.

The Bad

Game design is faulty in places: e.g. I forgot to pick up an axe early on, which meant I got stuck later, and had to go back and replay a large chunk of the game. In fact this happened more than once.

The Bottom Line

If the games you play define you as a person, then you'd better not play this, as it could ruin your image. If, however, you live a balanced and full life and are happy to admit that you play games to relax and unwind then this is perfect, and one of the all time best. Les Manley I salute you.

(n.b. Rarely comes up for sale in the UK or Europe, and is harder to come by than Search for the King. You'll probably have to buy from the States, though it still goes cheaply on E-bay)