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    Logical is no ordinary thumb-numbing, brain twisting, eye-bulging puzzle game. Logical was created by our brightest wackos with a slick sense of humor. While you're reading the back of this box, they're sitting around that insane asylum they call an office laughing their butts off, picturing you trying to conquer 99 levels of marbles flying around like a whirlwind caught in a hurricane. They're betting you won't be able to use the Traffic Lights avoiding the Color Locks, and let's not forget Green Slime. Logical is more addictive than bubble gum, faster than a speeding housewife and destined to make a grown man cry. Ready for a real challenge. BUY LOGICALcGO MAR-BALLASTIC! For Game Boy Color only. ERSB Rating is "E" for Everyone

    Contributed by jean-louis (32138) on May 08, 2015. – Game Boy Color:
    So you think you're smart, eh? Sunsoft's portable puzzler may prove you wrong.

    You can almost hear the diabolical laughter of the developers at Conspiracy as you begin to work your way through Logical's 99 levels. Designed to exercise your manual dexterity and drain your organizational skills, Logical is one of the most challenging puzzle titles on Game Boy Color.

    Your goal is to fill each gear on the screen with four marbles of the same color. The gears are rotated by pressing the A Button, and you can move the marbles by holding the B Button while pressing the desired direction on the Control Pad.

    This is a seemingly simple task when you view the sparse set up of the first level, but the difficulty increases rapidly. The challenge lies in efficiently directing marbles through the gears before the time limit expires. A constant flow of marbles materializes from the pillars of slime, so if you don't plan ahead things can quickly get out of hand.

    Things get hairy in the upper levels when Teleporters, Color Stoppers and Color Changers appear. A red marble can change to green when it passes through a Color Changer, and then be denied access to a gear that is blocked by a yellow Color Stopper. As if that weren't enough to make you sweat, many of the tubes are one way tunnels where a misplaced marble can end your game.

    Luckily for you, there is a password save feature. Once a puzzle is complete you'll never have to face it again. Logical's tough puzzles can sometimes feel more like work than fun, but the impressive number of levels will provide dedicated gamers many hours of maddening marble manipulation.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65856) on Jun 10, 2005.