Written by  :  Seer (57)
Written on  :  Jun 16, 2000
Platform  :  DOS

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Loom is the epitome of LucasArts creative talent, and storytelling mastery.

The Good

The creative use of the staff in allowing you to weave spells. Having no inventory meant that it was easy to keep track of the one item you might have at times. Having the CD-ROM version provided the user with some of the best voice acting, and music ever in a game. The innovative plot of LOOM is an excellent example of LucasArts ability to weave a great story together.

The Bad

I wish they would play more music during some of the lulls in the game. I also wish the game was a little bit longer. Other than that the game, to me, seems to be quite flawless.

The Bottom Line

Loom is a medieval fantasy adventure through the eyes of a character named Bobbin Threadbare. Bobbin starts the adventure a mere apprentice who, unknowingly, is said to be fated to rip the threads of existence apart. During his quest Bobbin grows in experience and knowledge as he is drawn closer and closer to his destiny. If you enjoy games that have an original plot and that draw you into caring about your character then you will enjoy this game.