Lost Secret of the Rainforest Credits


Lead ProgrammingRobert Fischbach, Doug Oldfield
ProgrammingVana Baker, Cynthia Joseph, Victor Sadauskas, Henry Yu
Additional ProgrammingDavid Artis, William Shockley
Interpreter / Development SystemEd Critchlow, Dan Foy, Ken Koch, Jack Magne, J. Mark Hood, Terry McHenry, Martin Peters, John Ratcliffe, Larry Scott, Christopher Tudor-Smith, Mark Wilden
Graphics / ArtworkJeff Crowe, Joan Delehanty, Darrin Fuller, Darlou Gams, Marc Hudgins, Michael Hutchison, Eric Kasner, Dennis Lewis, Gerald Moore, Al Roughton, John Shroades, Cindy Walker, Christopher Willis
MusicDan Kehler
SoundRichard Spurgeon
ProductionCheryl Sweeney
Art DirectorAndy Hoyos, Arturo Sinclair
DocumentationMark Empey, Nathan Gams
ProducerPeter Fisher
DirectorGano Haine
PlaytestingLogan Baker, Barbara Baser, Peter Fisher, Andrew Goff, Linda Lindley, Geoffrey Keighley, Pat Scarlon, Larry Schneider, Fletcher Walker, William D. Larking
Quality AssuranceMichael Brosius, Dave Clingman, Keri Copper, William R. Davis Sr., Lynne S. Dayton, Tina Deardorff, Michael D. Jones, Jon Meek, Diana Mulligan, Sharon Simmons, Sharon Hoban-Smith, Douglas Wheeler
Acting / VoiceoversRichard Aronson, Neal Grandstaff, Trisha Korte, Greg Tomko-Pavia
Special Thanks ToDarvin Atkeson, Lori Carr, Tammy Dargan, Marilyn Fidlen, Bill Linn, Josh Mandel

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Credits for this game were contributed by Tomer Gabel (4678)