Maelstrom Credits


Inspired bySyd Mead
Storyline and Concepts byPAS Systems, Don Bluth Multimedia Inc.
Executive ProducersRick Van Ysseldyk, Paul Morison
Designed byAndy Blau
Written byAndy Blau
Programmed byAndy Hook, Glenn Wilson
Artwork byJeremiah O'Flaherty, Ian Mah
Music byKevin Stratton
Sound byKevin Stratton
Project CoordinatorMark Vange
Additional Artwork bySean Sullivan, Mike Van Cleave, Bob Simmons, Heidi Turnipseed
Special Thanks goes to the following (in order of appearance)Rick Van Ysseldyk, Syd Mead, Paul Morison, The O'Flaherty family, Kim Stratton, Fulvio Ciano, Mike Kawahara, Paula Dawson, Gail Wellington, Bill Hopkins, John Epstein, Gill Levy, Mike Pot, Jamie Leece, David D. Black III, Paul Shields, Bill Graham, Electronics 2001 ‑ Toronto, Gentek Marketing
And a very special thank you for use of her boundless imagination toChristina Upton
Our Devoted TestersTesting 1 2 3 Inc., Richard Bongard, Drew Markham
Manual Written byMathew Price, Andy Hook, Andy Blau
Manual Editing byRick Van Ysseldyk, Mark Vange, J. Roddy McGinnis

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