The Magic Candle: Volume 1 Credits


Created byAli N. Atabek
IBM/Tandy Version Programming byJames B. Thomas
C64 Version Programming byDogan Koslu, Ali N. Atabek
Apple II Version Programming byAli N. Atabek
Tandy 1000/IBM EGA Computer Graphics byUgur Atabek, James B. Thomas, Anthony Postma
IBM CGA Computer Graphics byUgur Atabek
C64 Computer Graphics byUgur Atabek
Apple II Computer Graphics byAli N. Atabek
Game Book Designed and Written byJames B. Thomas
Cover Painting byA. Friend
Map and Book Illustrations byA. Friend
Printed Graphic Art byJerry Goen
Sound Effects for C64 byDavid Warhol
Playtesting byPeter T. Akemann, Cem Atabek, Jon Atabek, Ugur Atabek, Cem Engin, Desen Ertunc, Gulden Ertunc, James Fristrom, Dogan Koslu
Special Thanks toJoe Ybarra (for providing much needed insight on production issues)

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Credits for this game were contributed by Belboz (6580)