Magic Carpet Plus Credits

For Bullfrog

Designed byBullfrog Productions Ltd.
Engine Programmed byGlenn Corpes
Executive ProducerPeter Molyneux
ManagementLes Edgar
ProducerSean Cooper
Lead ProgrammersSean Cooper, Mark Huntley
ProgrammersSimon Carter, Phillip Jones
Lead ArtistFindlay McGechie
Graphics and Art Concepts byPaul McLaughlin, Michael Man, Mark Healey, Eoin Rogan, Barry Meade, Tony Dawson
Introductory Sequence byChris Hill
Introductory Support byMichael Man, Paul McLaughlin, Eoin Rogan, Sean Masterson
Level Concepts and ArchitectureSean Masterson
Level DesignBarry Meade, Alex Trowers, Jonty Barnes, Daniel Russell
SoundRussell Shaw
MusicRussell Shaw
Audio TechnologyHuman Machine Interface
Technical AssistantKevin Donkin
PR ManagementCathy Campos
Game TestersAndrew Cakebread, Paul Boulden, Mike Diskett, Kevin Donkin, C. A. Garner-Hamilton, Stuart Hastings, Mark Lamport, Paul Lockley, Roderic Mathison, Tristan Paramor, Randine Perry, Scott Rawlinson, Andrew Robbins, Mat Solomom, Mark Webley
Special Thanks toSue Mumford, Jo Goodwin, Dennis, Kathy McEntee

For Electronic Arts

ProducerMike Cooper
Product ManagerSean Ratcliffe
DocumentationMatthew Miles Griffiths
Documentation DesignRachel Close
Quality AssuranceGiuseppe D'Amaro
Testing Group SupervisorGraham Harbour
Lead TesterDarren King
Backup TestersMark Bergan, Matt Price

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