Written by  :  Andrew Dunn (11)
Written on  :  Nov 05, 2001
Platform  :  DOS

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Go ahead pick my pocket!

The Good

"Magic Pockets" was a classic developed by The Bitmap Brothers, you take the role of Bitmap Kid out to stop evil blobs and things from stealing your toys. Thats the storyline......... I know, but TBB always concentrated on gameplay more than anything else. The intro to this game was amazing, it had the music "just doin to doo" by "Betty Boo" and has good quility too it as well.

Anyway, you start of in a cave world, now depending on which world you are in causes you to have different pocket power, so in the cave world you have whirlwind power which gives you the ability to throw whirlwinds, and in lake land you have ice cubes.

As you make your way through the levels killing blobs and frogs you come across some special gear like a bike, which gives you the ability to run down those blob scum, also you get lazers masks, fencing mask and bubble gum machines where you chuw a wod of gum and blow it up till you fly! (it's quite humorous).

The graphics are colourful and unique, it has that certain Bitmap Brothers style to it and I thinks it's great.

The Bad

The sounds were good but there wasn't enough of it just the constant noise of him walking does drag.

The Bottom Line

Magic Pockets is too cool for other game to handle!