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Maniac Mansion: Day of the Tentacle (DOS)

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Maniac Mansion: Day of the Tentacle Credits


DesignDavid Grossman, Tim Schafer
ProgrammingJonathan Ackley, Ron Baldwin, David Grossman, Gwen Newton Musengwa, Tim Schafer, Judith Lucero
Music / Sound ProgrammingRon Baldwin, Tamlynn Niglio, Aric Wilmunder
Interpreter / Development SystemRon Gilbert, Michael Z. Land, Vince Lee, Peter McConnell, Brad P. Taylor, Aric Wilmunder
Graphics / ArtworkLarry Ahern, Kyle Balda, Peter Chan, Jesse Clark, Lela Dowling, Sean Turner, Ron K. Lussier
Additional Graphics / ArtworkLarry Ahern, Peter Chan
MusicClint Bajakian, Michael Z. Land, Peter McConnell
Sound EffectsRon Baldwin
ProducerDavid Grossman, Tim Schafer
DirectorDavid Grossman, Tim Schafer
Writing / Dialogue / StoryRon Gilbert, David Grossman, Tim Schafer, Gary Winnick
PlaytestingJo Ashburn, Mark Cartwright, Leyton Chew, Wayne Cline, Dan Connors, Dana Fong, Matthew Forbush, Doyle Gilstrap Jr., Chip Hinnenberg, Mark A. Nadeau, Brett Tosti
(CD-ROM) Voices Produced and Directed byTamlynn Niglio
(CD-ROM) Voice Technology byAric Wilmunder
StarringRichard Sanders (as Bernard)
Featuring the voice ofLes Nessman (of WKRP in Cincinnati)
Featuring the voices ofDenny Delk, Jane Jacobs, Nick Jameson, Ginny Schafer, David Kirk Traylor, Peggy Roberts-Hope
Special Thanks toLarry, Robin, George Lucas
Additional voice toolsJustin Graham
Voice editingGwen Newton Musengwa, Claire Barrault
Production assistanceClaire Barrault
Additional production assistanceCasey Donahue Ackley
Additional SCUMM(tm) programmingTony Hsieh, Michael Stemmle, Sean Clark
Renegade hackingToshi Morita, Justin Graham
Product marketing managerRobin Holland
Public relations managerSue Seserman
Distribution managerMeredith Cahill
Package designTerri Soo Hoo
Field marketing coordinatorWallace Poulter
ProofreadingJo Ashburn, Judith Lucero
Art support and adviceWilliam L. Eaken
Opening fixed byHal Barwood
CateringKhris Brown, Gwen Schafer, Edith Fox
Burping, Crying, SoilingZachary Lincoln Chan, Charlotte Musengwa
General manager, LucasartsKelly Flock
Director of business operationsJack Sorensen
Director of developmentSteve Daulterman
Director of marketingMary Bihr
Art department managerCollette Michaud
Product support managerKhris Brown
Product supportMara Kaehn, Tabitha Tosti, Jason Deadrich, Andrew Nelson, Renée Evans
Quality assurance supervisorWayne Cline
International administratorLisa Star
Computer systems departmentThomas J. Caudle, Randy Spencer
AccountingTom McCarthy, Neena Bonetti, Jonathan Gologorsky, Debbie Epidendio, Greg Robles
Administrative supportDawn Yamada, Judy Allen, Lori Beck, Christen Darnell, Alexa Eurich, Michele Harrel
Environmental technicianPaul Thermidor
Direct sales managerJoellen Reiss
Warehouse managerGabriel McDonald
Further thanks toLinda Jones, Chuck Jones
Sam and Max(tm) appear courtesy ofSteve Purcell
Seagull appears courtesy ofLOOM
Manual written byWayne Cline
Manual DesignMark Shepard
Print ProductionCarolyn Knutson

German CD Version

Lead ProducerThomas Brockhage
Executive ProducerAndre Bremer
Additional ProgrammingBernd Kurtz
Sampling‑EquipmentSony, Creamware tripleDAT
Recording StudioG&G Tonstudios
Audio EngineerThomas Gesell
CutBert Niedermeyer
Cast / VoicesReinhard Pede (as Bernard), Brigitte Carlsen (as Laverne), Frank Köllges (as Hoagie), Dietmar Walbeck (as Dr. Fred), Frank Gazon (as Purple Tentacle), Walfried Böcker (as Ben Franklin), Jürgen Kramer (as George Washington), Achim Bleul (as John Hancock), Eckhart Leue (as Tom Jefferson), Danielle Dutombé (as Nurse Edna)
Additional VoicesBernd Janssen, Thomas Buchhorn, Thorsten Neumann, Andre Bremer, Nils Bote, Alexandra Wankum, Kristin Dodt, Jürgen Goeldner
Special Thanks toWilli Großmann, Kristin Dodt, Tamlynn Niglio, Lisa Star, Christoph Schmitz, Jörg Gräfingholt

German Version (Softgold Computerspiele GmbH)

Project LeadThomas Brockhage
TranslationChris Meß
LecturerAnnette Khartabil
CoordinationKristin Dodt
Layout SupportJörgen Schlegel
Set & LithographyLasenga & Partner GmbH
German VoicesBernd Janssen (Purple Tentacle), Thomas Buchhorn (Green Tentacle), Bernd Heuckendorf (Dr. Fred), Thomas Brockhage (Hoagie), Susanne Dieck (Laverne), Jörg Gräfingholt (Bernard)

Included Hint Book Credits

Written byJo Ashburn (Captain Tripps)
Hintbook designed byMark Shepard
Cover concept byPeter Chan
Cover illustrations byPeter Chan
Line art by Larry Ahern
Character illustrations byLarry Ahern

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