Maniac Mansion Credits


Produced atLucasfilm Games Division
DesignRon Gilbert, Gary Winnick
ProgrammingRon Gilbert, Aric Wilmunder, David Fox
Graphics / ArtworkGary Winnick
MusicChristopher Grigg, David Lawrence
SoundDavid Hayes, David Warhol
Writing / Dialogue / StoryDavid Fox, Ron Gilbert, Gary Winnick
Creative and Technical SupportNoah Falstein, Aric Wilmunder, Chip Morningstar, F. Randall Farmer, Douglas Crockford, Charlie Kellner
Lucasfilm Games General ManagerSteve Arnold
Production ManagementAkila Redmer
Marketing ManagementDoug Glen
Administrative SupportPaula Hendricksen, Mary Bihr
German VersionBoris Schneider-Johne
German ManualJörg Gräfingholt, Boris Schneider-Johne
Thanks to all Game TestersDarell Parker, Tony Hsieh, Eric Liu, Jon Gubman, Thomas Heinks, Chris Legrant
Box ArtworkKen Macklin
BoxTerri Soo Hoo, Klaus Waack
Manual written byBrenda Laurel
Manual designed byMark Shepard, Stephanie Eichleay
Special Thanks toGeorge Lucas
Manufactured and distributed byFUNSOFT
French Translation by (Traduction Française de)Janine Pitot
Assistant Translator (Assistante Traductrice)Joëlle Chartier

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