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Mario Andretti's Racing Challenge (DOS)

Mario Andretti's Racing Challenge Screenshots

DOS version

Title Screen (MCGA)
Main Menu (MCGA)
Sponsor is obtained (MCGA)
Help Screen (MCGA)
Car Selection during Practice (MCGA)
Season Schedule ffor Sprint Cars (MCGA)
Winning Conditions (MCGA)
Mario Andretti welcomes you...(MCGA)
Driving the Sprint Car (MCGA)
Driving the Stock Car (MCGA)
Driving the Modified (MCGA)
Driving the Prototype (MCGA)
Driving the Formula 1 (MCGA)
Driving the Indy Car (MCGA)
Replay with Menu (MCGA)
Track Selection during Practice (MCGA)
Practicing Time (MCGA)
Joystick Calibration (MCGA)
Racing Results (MCGA)