Mario's Time Machine Credits (DOS)

Mario's Time Machine DOS Title screen


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Mario's Time Machine Credits


Project ManagerDon Lloyd (credited as Murphy Lloyd)
ProgrammersAnthony L. Farmer, Hyungsuk Suh
Game DesignAnthony L. Farmer
Technical ProducersHenrik Markarian, Marc Roegiers
Quality AssuranceRobin Rittenhouse
Lead Writer & EditorRachel Koretsky
Art ProducerVicki Sidley
Art DirectorJeff Griffeath
ArtistsCesar De Castro, Dan Guerra, Wes Jenkins, Eric Joyner, Jim Pearson, Brad Reynolds, Jan Sleeper, Kinetic Arts Inc.
WritersAndrew Iverson, Wes Jenkins, Jim Pearson
Mario MusicRob Wallace
Period MusicDonald S. Griffin
MusicologistRichard Kaplan
Special ThanksBarbara Adams, Kev Ashley, Jay Balakrishnan, Jeff Chasen, Greg Dawson, Donald W. Laabs, Jon Mandel, Valerie Singer

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Credits for this game were contributed by Constantinos Tsikinis (78)