Master of Magic Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Title screen
Introduction sequence
Game option menu
Choose your leader
Not all wizards have beards and pointy hats
The books indicate the type of magic used by the character, as well as their skill. Jafar here is a master of Sorcerous magic.
Each race has different pros and cons, as well as special combat units not available to other races.
Once you pick your wizard, you can select a starting race
Although it doesn't mention it in the description, gnolls are tougher in combat than most other races
Starting a new game
The world after a bit of exploration
Once you become powerful enough, you can explore the magical world of Myrror
A view of the city
Building options
Research spells
Cast global enchantments
Your armies
Your cities
Overview of diplomacy and mana distribution
The gentle art of diplomacy -- Ariel makes her first contact a memorable one
Combat begins
Casting a spell
Battle lost
Raven completes his research and learns a new spell
When you capture an enemy's Fortress, you banish that enemy to Limbo...sometimes forever.