Master of Orion II: Battle at Antares Credits


DesignStephen Barcia, Kenneth Burd
Lead ProgrammingKenneth Burd
ProgrammingEvan Axelrad, Eric Brown, James Cowlishaw, William Ivey, Russ Williams
Libraries / UtilitiesStephen Barcia, Rob Corell, Ronnie Gauny
Graphics / ArtworkKevin Albers, Andrea Burden, Danny Garrett, Terry Greer, Shelly Hollen, Jim McIntyre, Patrick Owens, Judith Peterson
Additional Graphics / ArtworkDavid Lawell
MusicLaura Barratt
SoundJohn Henke
DocumentationJohn Possidente, Reiko Yamamoto, Jerome Paterno, Marisa Ong, Ted Paulsen Jr.
SupportWilliam Hom, Hoi Nguyen, Khoi Nguyen
Quality AssuranceOlivia Allends, Nieya Anjomi, Mike Barker, Evan Birkby, Anthony Constantino, Paul Coppins, Christopher Evans, Brian Hackert, Hans Hagberg, Tim Jordan, Brian M. King, Vansouk Lianemany, Andy Mazurek, Ron Pepper, Mike Prendergast, Mike Richardson, Kenneth Schmidt, Larry Stephen Webber
Product MarketingApril Souza, Adrian Turner (GB)
Special Thanks ToJenny Cowlishaw, Eric Hyman, Matthew Kyle

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