Master of Orion Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Title screen
Intro sequence 1
Intro sequence 2
A star system
The galaxy
The tehnology display
Choose between ten races
You discover technologies of an ancient civilization
Build a new colony
Your first contact with the human race
Galactic News Network
Ground combat is mostly a numbers game.
Discovering new research.
The enemy has chosen to retreat.
The Huge galaxy type lives up to its name.
Main galaxy screen
Diplomacy screen
Planet screen, keeping track of all your colonies.
The Map screen has a few useful filters.
Established colony with resource bars
Successful espionage can even frame another race.
Space combat is tile and turn based.
Ship design interface
New research
What a ugly race
Ships - in space 4X "very important things"
Galaxy - many stars, many planets...
new colony... in quite friendly planet.