MegaRace Credits


DesignFlorian Desforges
ProgrammingOlivier Croset, Rémi Herbulot, Olivier Robin, Pascal Urro
Graphics / 3D ProgrammingFlorian Desforges, Philippe Lamoureux, Madjid Taibi, Frank de Luca
Bitmap GraphicsDanièle Herbulot
3D ModellingFlorian Desforges
MusicStéphane Picq
SoundStéphane Picq
DocumentationBill Duncan, Karl Fitzhugh, Clive Fort, Anne O'Brien
ProducerClive Fort, Steve Hutchins
DirectorRémi Herbulot
Project ManagerKarl Fitzhugh
PlaytestingChris Gaffield, Simon Harris, Danny Isaac, Hugh Mason, Mason Nugent, Ken Pinckert, Neil Soane
Acting / VoiceoversChristian Erickson
TextsJohan K. Robson
Shooting CrewJohan K. Robson, Olivier Levy, Philippe Jedar, Rémi Herbulot, Danièle Herbulot
Video DigitsDanièle Herbulot, Rémi Herbulot
Special Thanks ToMark Beaumont, Dick Jones, Jim Molitor, Juliet Pitt, Carol Shelby, Lee Singleton, Steve Whittle, George M., Greno, S.C.T.A., Mindscape Technical Services

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Credits for this game were contributed by xroox (3970), Accatone (5368) and formercontrib (159879)