Written by  :  Afterburner (496)
Written on  :  Mar 21, 2001
Platform  :  DOS

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A weak attempt to capitalize on the nascent (at the time) FPS genre.

The Good

Nothing springs immediately to mind.

The Bad

Like so many games, this game wasn't bad. It just wasn't good. The gameplay is similar to other computer RPGs of the time: You guide your party around the landscape and through dungeons and encounter monsters, NPCs, and quests. The gimmick was the use of the first person perspective. The first person perspective didn't really add anything to the game, however, because once you entered combat, the game became turn-based. And your chance to hit was based on a random die roll (assuming you were in range) of the monster. No fancy moves. No sneak attacks. You run around the landscape in a Doom-type graphical engine, until you find something that wants to hit you, at which point you start turn-based combat. Which made the first person perspective kind of pointless.

The Bottom Line

An easily forgotten chapter of the SSI D&D franchise.