Metaltech: Battledrome Ad Blurbs (DOS)

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Advertising Blurbs

Print advertisement - PC Player 12/94:
    Die Fortsetzung zu «EarthSiege» versetzt Sie in eine Arena, die nur einem einzigen Zweck dient: dem mörderischen Zweikampf vom Robotern. Ein Spiel, in dem Strategie und Taktik ebenso wertvoll sind wie reine Feuerkraft.

    Erhältlich für PC 3.5 Dezember 94.

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (198867) on Apr 02, 2010.

Advertisement in Strategy Plus, April 1995:
    Someone Out There Wants to Destroy You.

    Bet on It.

    Lonely at the top? Don't believe it. You're top rated, and there's a crowd of cyberpunks just waiting to take you down.

    But you're up for it. You and your stable of 10 HERCULANs. Pure fighting machines, in riveting 3Space graphics, articulated perfectly to prowl the drome - to seek and destroy, fight toe-to-toe - and battle with cunning, power and skill.

    No, getting on top wasn't easy. But you're smart and you set the perfect battle conditions. You chose the weaponry, the right HERC, even the right music. And you bet smart. Building a stash to buy new weapons, new HERCs and enough cold cash to back up your boasts.

    With real time modem and network play, you can be challenged by anyone, anywhere, anytime. Nice touch - reach out and blast someone. Of course they've challenged you before. And they've lost. So far.

    Yeah, someone out there wants you. So let 'em come and place their bets. Then let's see if they've got the ballistics to go up against number one.

    Battledrome - Blast Into the MetalTech Era!

    Contributed by Belboz (6581) on Apr 25, 2001.

Sierra Winter Catalog 94/95:
    Battledrome puts it all on the line as mighty Hercs fight one-on-one for power, pride and money. Strategy and tactics count as much as firepower in this virtual-reality combat arena. You choose your Herc, its weapons, the arena conditions, the level of battle, and the amount to wager. Bet for prize money to build you [sic] own arsenal of Hercs. Or in desperation, bet your Herc! Battledrome is modem and network ready. Challenge anyone, anywhere in head-to-head combat. Or, pit your Herc against the best of the computer generated opponents in Battledrome's own network universe. But either way, only one fighter can be ranked #1. Battledrome - blast into the MetalTech era!

  • Intricate articulation takes these Hercs to an all new level of robotic animation.
  • Modem and network ready for one-on-one combat with anyone, anywhere.
  • Cmaera remotes and heads-up-displays for absolute awareness of your environment.
  • Ten Herc chassis and broad weapons arsenal for customization and power building.

  • Contributed by Adam Baratz (1484) on Mar 29, 2001.