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Metaltech: EarthSiege (DOS)

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100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Metaltech: EarthSiege Credits


ProducerMark Crowe
Lead ProgrammerPaul Bowman
Game DesignMark Crowe, David Selle
Art DirectionRobert Caracol
Lead Production ArtistDavid Aughenbaugh
ProgrammingBruce Schuldt, Marlen Shepherd
3D Simulation ArtistDamon Mitchell
Audio DirectorJan Paul Moorhead
Original MusicTimothy Steven Clarke, Christopher Stevens
Sound FX and Digitized SpeechKenneth Rogers
Animation & Lip SynchDavid Aughenbaugh
Missions ProgrammingJan Carpenter, Joseph Muennich, David Selle
Photo and VideoDale Tendick
Audio TechnologyHuman Machine Interfaces Inc., Sound Operating System
HERC Animation TechnologyTim Gift, Caedmon Irias
Technical Support and Additional ProgrammingGoldstar , Nels Bruckner, Stephen Cordon, Louie McCrady, Rick Overman, Miles Smith, David Stambaugh, Edwin Wise
Model BuildingRobert Caracol, Tito Pagan
Lip SynchingDavid Aughenbaugh, Robert Kraft, Tito Pagan
3D CinemationsCyrus Kanga, Bruce Powell
Cinemation EditingMike Jahnke
QA ManagerDavid Steele
Lead TesterGerald Azenaro
QA TechnicianJohn Wolf
PlaytestingGary Stevens, Duri Price, Gregory Rucka, Chris Mendinger, Jan Carpenter, Scott Gilbert
Theatrical Production CoordinatorSher Alltucker
CastBorja , Bill Barrett (Voice Talent), Barbara Beyer (Extra Body), Rosey Brown (Service Bay Technician), Gary Bullock (Base Commander), Mark C. Lawrence (Pilot), John Clayton Shafer (Pilot), Raisa Fleming (Voice Talent), Caren Graham (Voice Talent), Jeff Hannum (Extra Body), Brett Harman (Base Commander), Eli Haworth (Extra Body), Erika Klein (Pilot), Doug Larson (Pilot), Louis Latorto (Voice Talent), Billy Long (Base Commander), Eric Newsome (Voice Talent), Jeffrey Parker (Pilot), Ed Raggozino (Voice Talent), John Rice (Base Commander), Patricia Roseman (Pilot), Marianne Ryder (Extra Body), Kiki Shephard (Pilot), Christopher K. Singleton (Extra Body), David Steele (Extra Body), Glen Steele (Pilot), Kim Sweeney (Pilot), Dave Van Maren (Pilot), Celeste Yarnall (Base Commander)
Beta TestersDale A. Hernandez, Joe Balshone, Jason Curry, Herb Davis, Michael E. McDonald, David Ervin, Andrew Klingbeil, James L. Blacklock, David Leung, Matthew Meyer, Gary Mofett, Paul Poterra, Andrew R. Berko, Allen W. Vinton
Manual WritersGregory Rucka, Kurt Weber
Manual EditorKurt Weber
Manual Design & LayoutCameron Mitchell
3D Cover ArtCyrus Kanga, Bruce Powell
Publications ManagerKevin Lamb
German Manual TranslationRobert Claus

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