Midwinter Credits (DOS)

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Midwinter Credits


Original ConceptMike Singleton
DesignMike Singleton
Project Control and LiasonHugh F. Batterbury
PC version game codeDavid Ollman
ST version game code and Amiga versionDavid Gautrey, George Williamson
PC version solid graphics and landscapeValhermoso Franco
Graphics / ArtworkAndrew Elkerton
Solid object design and map fractalsPeter Barnett
ST version solid objects codeChris Pink
PublisherPaul Hibbard-Teall
Development managerPeter Moreland
DocumentationSteve Carey, Rob Davies
Quality AssuranceDiarmid Clarke, Paul Coppins
Manual LiasonMartin Moth
Manual Design and GraphicsArtistix U.K.

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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (159506) and Trixter (9126)