Might and Magic III: Isles of Terra Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Title screen
NWC Logo
Not just your average creepy disembodied head, this one talks to you!
Main Menu
Creating a character
Character stats
Afountain in the first town
Shopping at the armory
Training (the watermelon joust!)
An outdoor encounter
Fighting some monsters
Getting beaten by zombies
Starting out
Inventory screen
The good old quick reference screen
Spell book and magic menu
The notes in your questlog
Healing at a temple
Need to make a deposit? That's what banks are for
In these desks you can usually find helpful NPCs
You can improve some skills by paying for training
There's plenty of work to be done around here!
Checking the bars out...
Combat! Plus, the new "Quick fight" menu
Finally! An auto-map!!
Goblins up ahead! Eat some arrows!
Hmm... Drink from the well?
Becoming Crusaders in the Dark Temple of Moo
The face of death
The typical magic guild, open only at night
Code words will teleport the party to any town and beyond
Fighting a Fire Lizard who guards a very useful statue
Scorpia may look tough, but she's a pushover
Chests hold treasure and quest items, but beware! Only the Robber can open them safely.
This Sonic Ninja can scream the party to death.
From a certain shoreline the player can hire a tour boat...
that drops him off in Swamptown, not the best place to be, early in the game!
These swamp denizens are all around the town: that they look like Elvis is probably purely subjective