Advertising Blurbs

From the back of the European box:
    The Fate of the Next Generation Depends on You.

    A month ago you were a lunar research chief, collecting data from a minor base on the moon's surface - doing your job. At first no one believed that Earth was doomed, but it came, just as they had predicted. You and your party had a ringside seat to unspeakable destruction and chaos. Now, in the shadow of the blackened husk that was once Earth, you plan your strategy for saving humanity not as a scientist, but as leader of the juman race.

    Millennium gives you the awesome task of saving humanity from extinction. Restoring the human race requires deft manipulation of technology and resources, shrewd decision-making and an inspired grasp of Mankind's true potential.

    Millennium is a fascinating and addictive blend of strategy and adventure; the ultimate test of your leadership skills and pioneering vision. Beginning with a single base on Earth's only moon, you must produce the materials needed to take to the stars, and the resources needed to colonize other worlds - where other precious minerals and resources still exist.

    • Fascinating Strategy. Test your strategic and tactical abilities when the stakes are the highest. Can you successfully manipulate resources, materials and supplies in a hostile solar system to help save Earth?

    • Action-Packed Space Combat. The enemy isn't just Mother Nature. You're also up against a powerful alien race that has no desire to see humanity reborn. Can you defeat an advanced society with limited technological and military might?

    • Incredible Graphics. Millennium is packed with powerful graphic images and unprecedented 3-D space combat sequences.

    • Awesome depth. No specific strategy guarantees success. Your fate depends on careful planning, flawless execution, and a constant, intelligent analysis of your successes and failures.

    Contributed by -Chris (7565) on May 18, 2003.