Millennium: Return to Earth Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen. Do you spot the mistake...? :D
The inner solar system. Planets move on their trajectories as time passes.
The moon base. This is your headquarter and command center.
Solar generators provide the base with power.
In the research laboratory, scientists discover new and improved technologies such as advanced ships...
...which you construct in the production facility.
Solar system view
Assign crews and cargo to your ships in the flight bay...
...then send them on exploration or transportation missions into the solar system.
Moonbase screen
Mining operations
Planets need to be explored with a probe...
Energy management
...and your scientists will tell you whether they're habitable.
Research screen
Voila! A colony ship has founded a new base!
Population report
Colonies are little more than mining stations that will provide rare elements.
Now and then, unforeseen events call for quick action - such as this plague.
Base defense screen
Construction screen
Your opponents, the Martians, regularly send attack squads. Hopefully, you have built an automated satellite defense...
...or else you have to defeat the enemy fighters in crude 3D space combat sequences.
Flight bay
Ship management
Close-up orbital shot
Ship navigation
Oh dear
Colony screen
Colony under attack
Dogfight over Callisto