Written by  :  kubakuba (9)
Written on  :  Jul 19, 2003
Platform  :  DOS

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I came back to let you know, I've gotta thing for you and I can't let go!

The Good

Playing this game was like kissing my first girlfriend, finishing this game was like losing my best friend. When I think of this game "Mr.BoJangles" by Sammy Davis Jnr comes to mind. That kind of sad, longing feeling for something which you know you'll never ever have again.

Every single thing. Even as a kid I could get the vast majority of the jokes. I just played it last night again and it makes me "laugh milk through my nose". Why don't they make games like this anymore? It makes me want to burn things in frustration. The modern day Monkey Island Adventures just don't compare in my opinion. I played this before I ever played Monkey 1, hence it was even better for me than other players.

This game even taught me how to balance my funds/finance. When I was a kid, it cost me IR£45. I saved up for a full year before I could buy it. Even since I was a kid, I have had a great mind for money, and its because of this game.

I'm telling you, Ron Gilbert will never know the influence he had on the younger generation of gameplayers.

The Bad

Absolutley nothing. Well okay, the complexity for a 9 year old was extreme , otherwise absolutley nothing.

The Bottom Line

Before Doom revolutionsed the Gaming industry, this and Ultima Underworld were the top dogs. When I was a kid I could more closley identify with Guybrush Threepwood(the main character) than I could with Jesus Christ. This game is insanley hillarious, entertaining, and best of all....now completley FREE! IMO - its the best game LucasArts ever made