Monopoly Deluxe Credits (DOS)

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Monopoly Deluxe Credits


Programmed BySon T. Ton
Interface DesignJohn Alvarado, Son T. Ton
Executive ProducerStephen Clarke-Willson
Associate ProducerCatherine Anne Bartz-Todd
Art Concept & SupervisionStan Gorman
Graphics / ArtworkDouglas W. Cope, Michael Francis Dietz, Roger Hardy, Shawn McLean, John Weir, Willis Wong
Installation BySteve Keith
Music and Sound CoordinatorTommy Tallarico
Digitized Sound SamplesSteven S. Henifin
Quality Assurance ManagerMichael Gater
Quality AssuranceScott J. Duckett, Michael S. Glosecki, Danny Lewis, Eugene Martin, Justin Norr, Noah Tool
Manual Written ByCatherine Anne Bartz-Todd
Manual AssistanceSon T. Ton
Manual Edited & ProducedLisa Marcinko
Special Thanks ToDon E. Kraftcheck, Rick Goralnick, Hans Kim, David A. Luehmann, John Neil, Kevin Norr, Brian Smith

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