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Apogee Catalog (Dec. 1991 Edition):
    Note: This game is designed to work on CGA systems, though it can be enjoyed on EGA and VGA systems, too.

    In the game, NASA has sent several manned missions to explore the mysterious monuments...but every mission has ended in disaster. Soon after the astronauts landed on Mars NASA lost contact with themÄand no one knows why.

    You're the final hope. You have been chosen for a special mission to rescue the missing astronauts and to discover the secrets of the Martian monuments. The game begins just after your ship lands on Mars near the site of the "Cliff", one of the many monuments. Will you suddenly vanish like the astronaut explorers before you? Can you find the entrance to each monument and discover what secrets are hidden inside?

    The Monuments of Mars! is an arcade/adventure game set in the near future as you explore a secret underground city on Mars. In the first volume ("First Contact") you will need to survive 20 unique and challenging levels (screens) filled with puzzles, traps, creatures and useful artifacts.

    This game features great graphics and sound effects, plus a compelling and fascinating story. Features include save/restore, high score chart, sound on/off and keyboard configuration. Plus, this is the first game to give you unlimited lives! You will never see a "Game Over" message in The Monuments of Mars!, since you simply restart the level whenever you die. This will let you concentrate on solving each level without the hassles of constantly saving and restoring your game. This is a revolutionary feature that will be used in many future games by Apogee Software.

    This is the first of four volumes of The Monuments of Mars!, subtitled "First Contact". The other three volumes are: "The Pyramid", "The Fortress", and "The Face". Each volume is $10, or order all four for just $25. For registering you will get the newest versions, a hint sheet, and the special cheat codes.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76593) on Apr 08, 2002.