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Written by  :  Keapon Laffn (2)
Written on  :  Sep 01, 2008
Rating  :  3.5 Stars3.5 Stars3.5 Stars3.5 Stars3.5 Stars

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Best 8-player Bomberman game yet--minus NPC Bombermen

The Good

The best find I have discovered on the internet! My friends and I have greatly enjoyed the smooth game play, wandering monsters on the battlefield, and the fact that the best all-time power-ups are to be found from kicks, bomb stacks, to wall jumping kangaroos, etc. And all the power-ups stack! Having JUST the right combination of power ups and challenging extras is what has always made a great Bomberman game.

The Bad

Starting the game is a bit confusing; it takes a bit to figure out which buttons do what. Computer controlled bombermen were not programmed into this game, sadly, so your only option is to fight your friends or team up with friends vs friends. Either way, you *must* have a friend to play. You will need the Joy-to-Key program, to make the keys on your key board correspond with game controllers, as game controller detection was not programmed into this game. Having to use Dos box to play it on Windows XP or higher is a pain. No normal/campaign mode, but then, that wasn't the point of this game, anyhow.

The Bottom Line

To Bomberman fans; If you don't mind the requirement of needing at least one friend to play this game against, then this might turn into your all-time favorite Bomberman game! It's a killer party game!

Until someone makes an 8 or more player bomberman game with battle field roaming monsters, jumping kangaroos, all the classic power ups, AND computer controlled bombermen, Mr. Boom will remain my all time favorite Bomberman game right behind Super Bomberman 3. It is rare any team of designers & programmers who take on Bomberman are ever as competent and understanding of what all elements make a good Bomberman game as the guys who are responsible for Mr. Boom. I'm sure if the team who programmed this game were allowed more time to make it then they had, Mr. Boom would be the number one best Bomberman game in all history. I wish the design team for this game would be hired to program the next Bomberman games, instead of all the idiot designers/planners out there who have been remaking Bomberman games for the last 8 years...