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MS-DOS 5 (included games) DOS Gorillas: Title screen and instructions


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Written by  :  Emepol (1558)
Written on  :  May 19, 2007
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Ah... the old days of Qbasic

The Good

It was the old days, I had my first PC, an AT 286. Included in the OS, it came the QBasic module with two simple games. "Nibbles" and this one, "Gorillas". I used to play with my friends, making little championships and trying to beat the other gorilla.

The premise was very simple. Blow up your enemy with an explosive banana before he does the same to you. You had to figure the ideal angle to throw it, without forgetting the wind speed and direction.

The Bad

No too much to complain about. The graphics may be too old fashioned, and even on those times, they seemed to be a little bit out of date.

The Bottom Line

Simple, but addictive. There are a couple of games similar to this in their premise, but this was the one that got me.