MS-DOS 5 (included games) Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Gorillas: Title screen and instructions
Gorillas: Directions after the game has been loaded, but before it has been run
Gorillas: Selecting game parameters
Gorillas: And in this corner... the eighth wonder of the world...
Gorillas: Entering my coordinates of banana doom!
Gorillas: And off the deadly fruit flies, seeking the heart of its target!
Gorillas: A match atop another city concludes, the offending ape vaporised!
Nibbles: Title screen
Nibbles: Set up the game options
Nibbles: The first level has a lot of open space to wander around in
Nibbles: Chase down the 7, but don't crash into a wall
Nibbles: Oops, player one dies!
Nibbles: Not a lot of space between the walls here...
Nibbles: Game over
Nibbles: Two players can play at once
Nibbles: The game in monochrome mode
Gorillas in CGA Mode
Gorilla Destroyed!