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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Wiz Shareware Release:
    Good old Baron Baldric isn't getting any younger and this might be his last chance at fame, fortune and a good rocking chair! Help him wield his somewhat magical staff to overcome the dark forces and set things right at Lazarine Towers. Packed with magical spells, enchanting VGA graphics & animation, along with unbelievable puzzles, the Baron and his adventures (and misadventures!) will surely win your heart!

    Contributed by PCGamer77 (3234) on Jun 07, 2002.

3D Realms website:
    As Baron Baldric, you are charged with keeping peace for all the common folk of the land. But when the grand Lazarine Towers are overcome with dark forces and creatures, casting an evil shadow over the land, you must wield your somewhat magical staff and set out to set things right. (Frankly, you don't want the job, but there's currently a shortage of young warrior types around.) The Baron is a lovable character who will win your heart with his many animations and mannerisms. But beware, this not-so-young hero guy can still kick a little bootie if he has to! He wields a magic staff like nobody's business.

    30 different monsters! They crawl, slither, fly, roll, hop and anything else you can imagine. There are new scenery graphics and monsters in each of the six castles/episodes. Play with the mouse, keyboard or joystick. Supports higher resolution of 320 x 240 VGA. Ability to practice any level for a good preview. Complex character; Baron Baldric can jump, push, pull, flip switches, open doors, become poisoned, and climb. Game map to see where you are at all times. Many different weapon spells including fireballs and venom spells. Find coins to buy more spells.

    Mystic Towers is an action-oriented and puzzle filled game of exploration and magic. There is no other game like it in the Apogee line. Most likely, you've never seen another game like it anywhere!


  • 540 rooms packed with monsters and puzzles.
  • Digital soundtrack with simultaneous sound effects.
  • Atmospheric music and sound effects.
  • Save your game ANYWHERE within the game at ANYTIME.
  • Use spells like: Healing, Reveal (finds secret areas), Levitate, and Teleport.
  • Environment Interaction

    Drink water from fountains to maintain your health
    Eat green slime off the walls
    Push and Pull almost any item
    Look under other objects
    Push buttons, flip switches
    Climb ladders to new levels
    Teleport to other locations
    Destroy the monster generators to stop the endless flow of monsters
    Beware of poison traps and booby traps in the towers
    Navigate invisible bridges and platforms
    Much more to discover on your own

  • Contributed by wossname (210) on Jul 02, 2000.