Written by  :  Tiamat (18)
Written on  :  Apr 23, 2003
Platform  :  DOS

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Great fun!

The Good

I was pleasantly surprised with this release. An original idea if properly executed always makes for a great game. I mean where else could you take control of a lecherous old man-who seems to suffer from a chronic itch in his nether regions and also seems to have an affinity for rummaging through his nostrils-and use said old man to combat legions of bizzare monstrosities. Brilliant! Although Baldrick, our hero in question, seems to be just a few days away from joining the living dead himself, he is as dextrous as they come, which is reflected in the very user friendly gameplay. Combined with colourful and well drawn graphics and some incredible music, make these the perfect elements for an entertaining romp through the "Mystic Towers".

The Bad

It's not exactly the deepest of games and it doesn't really have any delusions of grandeur, so I don't have really that many bad things to be say, BUT in an attempt to show that I make the effort to be as objective as I can, I'll say that the music might become a bit tedious for some (I liked it). Also it's not everyones kind of game, it's hard to stick it in one genre, which is one of the great things about it. So I think either you'll love it or you'll hate it, but if you give it a chance you might just be as surprised as I was.

The Bottom Line

A great way to fill the gaps between your RTS campaigns and your RPG crusades, if you want some light hearted and good humoured fantasy themed adventuring, then look no further.