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NASCAR Racing 2 (DOS)

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100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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NASCAR Racing 2 Credits


Game DesignDavid D. Flamburis, Adam Levesque, Matt Marsala, John Wheeler
ProducerAdam Levesque
Associate ProducerMatt Marsala
Lean EngineerJohn Wheeler
ProgrammingDave Broske, Daniel Collins, Evelyn Ginsparg, Aaron Orenstein, Alex Orlovsky, Dave Pollatsek
Multiplayer ProgrammingCharlie Heath
Additional ProgrammingRalph Hebb, Douglas Muir, Sharon Satnick, Jim Sokoloff, Eric Patacchiola
Rendition SupportMichael Newhall
Art DirectorSandro Carella
3D Art ManagerDanny Walles
Production CoordinatorTom Faiano
Lead ArtistDavid D. Flamburis
2D ArtJoel Boucquemont, Louis Catanzaro, Isabelle Garbani, Josette Ghiseline, Brian C. Mahony, Mat Matera, Bryan K. Shutt, Julie Sparks
3D ArtTong Chen, Yoosun Cho, Morgan Hastings, Duncan Hsu, Dan Lotrea, Boris Menkov, Zachary Morong, Dan Roeger, Roger Seto, Vladimir Starzhevsky, Sean Turbitt
Sound ProductionAaron Spevack
Spotter/Crew Chief VoiceRonald Gaines
Licensing CoordinatorAnn-Marie Gianantoni
Assistant Licensing CoordinatorsJoanna Gardy, Priscilla Kilbride
Testing ManagerJane C. Sieczkiewicz
Lead TesterKenneth Swan
TestersRick Baker, Bruce Brooks, David J. Crist, Bernard Faller, Joe Lawrence, Jonathan Valvano
Beta TestersTerry Adams, Rhawn Black, Patrick Campbell, Nimrod Cross Jr., Jim Deford, Christopher Goucher, Tony Johns, Lonnie Larkan, Mike Laskey, Randy Magruder, Rick Mahoney, Kenneth McCarthy, Marc Nelson, Tim Olson, Eyo Sama, Dave Sparks, Brian Tate, Douglas Thompson
Manual and Driver BiosSteve Vandergriff
Technical Racing AdviceBobby Labonte
Special Thanks toNASCAR, Bobby Labonte, Blake Davidson, Paul Brooks, Gary Nelson, Kevin Triplett, Mike Helton (of NASCAR), Ronald Gaines, Mark Metcalf (of SSG), Darlene Patterson (of Darway Marketing), Ken Mehl, Jack Zinkan, and all our families who put up with the long hours.

German Version

LocalisationAntje Hink
Game TranslationAntje Hink
Manual TranslationThomas Schmidt, Arndt Grass, Angelika Schenk
Spotter/Crew Chief VoiceGerd Andresen
Recording StudioR&T; Gaggenau
Sound EngineerMatthias Schulze

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