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NASCAR Racing Credits


Designed byDavid Kaemmer, Adam Levesque, John Wheeler
ProducerAdam Levesque
Lead ProgrammerJohn Wheeler
ProgrammersDave Broske, Randy Cassidy, Richard Garcia, Charlie Heath, Jesse Hemmingway, David Kaemmer, David Miller, Celso Minnitti, Lisa Harlow-Patacchiola
3D DesignersMatt Marsala, Dave Matson, Vladimir Starzhevsky, Danny Walles
Art DirectorSandro Carella
ArtistsCharles Bandes, David D. Flamburis, Brian C. Mahony, Doug McCartney
MarketingAnn-Marie Gianantoni, Laura Harlow
Licensing CoordinatorNicolette Heavey
Quality AssuranceT. J. Fabrizio, Michael Gunthorp, Ed Martin, Jill Mironer, Jane C. Sieczkiewicz, Kenneth Swan
Chief Test DriverMatt Sentell
ManualSteve Vandergriff
Sound EffectsDennis M. Miller, Rob Wallace
"Race Riff", an original digitized music track byRachel Bolan, Dave Sabo
"The Fastest Sport" byGeorge Alistair Sanger (The Fat Man)

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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (160022) and Neon (78)