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National Lampoon's Chess Maniac 5 Billion and 1 (DOS)

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National Lampoon's Chess Maniac 5 Billion and 1 Credits


Game ByErick Jap, Paul Mogg
Produced byMathias K. Genser
ProgrammingErick Jap, Heather Mace, Peter Ward
Chess EngineIntelart
Creative DirectionPaul Mogg
Art DirectionKathleen Redmer, Gary Winnick
Program ArtChuck Butler, Matt Carlström, Kathleen Redmer
Sound DirectorPaul Mogg
MusicAndrew Edlen, Paul Mogg
Sound EffectsAndrew Edlen, Paul Mogg
Video DirectionPaul Mogg, Kathleen Redmer
ChoreographyKitty Barowitz
DancersKitty Barowitz, J. Andrew Casl, Kevin Curry-Wise, Trendete E. Randolph, Terri L. Taylor, Brett Williams
Video Post ProductionLance T. Alemeda, Matt Carlström, Marcie Folsom, Zachary Fuller, Tony Gascon, Brad Reynolds, Jody Sather, Mark Skinner, Sharon Stambaugh, Jeff Stokol, James W. Wiebmer, Equilibrium
ModelsGail Gamble, Eric Hutton, Kurt Hutteno
Manual DirectionRobert Giedt
Manual WritingRobert Giedt, Steve Olson
Manual EditingMarisa Ong
Manual LayoutRobert Giedt
Manual Fake Ad Desigh and LayoutCarrie Galbraith, Robert Giedt, Steve Olson
Fake Ad ModelsAndrew Edlen, Barbara Gleason, Lica Meucci
PhotographerGreg Dyer
Manual ArtChuck Butler, Matt Carlström, Carrie Galbraith, Andy Probert, Kathleen Redmer, Jim Voytilla, Paul Wood
Quality AssuranceEvan Birkby, Kurt Boutin, David Collins, Jeffrey Love, David Maxwell, Russel Reiss, David Wessman, Derwin Wyatt
MarketingRita Harrington, Kathryn Lynch, Lisa Meucci, Jerome Paterno
Acting / VoiceoversCarlos Alazraqui (Voice of the Computer)
Additional ImpersonationsMick Berrys
Special Thanks ToAlameda Public Library, Carlos Alazraqui, Randy Angle, Mike Berry, Judy Biletnikoff, Tom Byron, Joseph Colligan, Daniel Deremiah, Distribution Center, Catherine Durand, Pat Feely, Patti Jackson, Barry James Folsom, Jim Jimirro, Harvey Lee, Gilman Louie, Guymond Louie, Mariner Square Athletic Club, National Lampoon, Steven Moy, Michael Nelson, Erol Otus, Kuswara Pranawahadi, Ann Pratt, Akila Redmer, Belinda Saunders, Chris Saunders, Larry Sloman, Ed Subitzky

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