The Need for Speed (DOS)

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The Need for Speed Credits


Lead ProgrammerWei Shoong Teh
ProgrammersPaul B. Diamond, Brad Gour, Shelby Hubick, David Lucas, Daniel Teh
Additional ProgrammingD. M. Abrahams-Gessel
Lead ArtistScott Jackson
ArtistsEduardo Agostini, Thomas Graham, Peter King, Robert Sculnick
3D ModellingKent Maclagan
Additional 3D ModellingMarkus Tessmann
Track ModellingSheila Allan
Lead AudioAlistair Hirst
Music ProducerEdwin Dolinski
Additional MusicJames Bowers, Koko Productions
Audio PostSteve Royea
Additional Audio EditingJennifer Lewis
Lead QAJason Holinaty
Backup Lead QAJonathan Dowdeswell, Crispin Hands
QA TestersPaul Adamson, Alex Baumgard, D'Arcy Gog, Jeff Hutchinson, Adam MacKay-Smith, James Witt
QA SupportJon Bruce, Ian Hawkins, Kirk C. Scott
Product ManagerSimon Etchells, Frank Gibeau
DocumentationValerie E. Hanscom
Documentation LayoutColin Dodson
German LocalisationCarol Aggett, Rolf D. Busch, Bianca Normann
German ManualKlaus Segel
Production AssistantSerena Whitters
Assistant ProducerRichard Mul
Associate ProducerKen Sayler
Development DirectorFoster Hall
ProducerHanno Lemke
Game DesignHanno Lemke
Feature EditorDouglas Kott
Car Voice‑over ScriptDouglas Kott
LibrarianOtis D. Meyer
PhotographiesRoad & Track
Additional PhotographyRon Perry, Guy Spangenberg
Movie ProductionCactus Production
Police OfficerMichael St. John Smith
English Voice OverMichael Donovan Mandap
German Voice OverRolf D. Busch, Egon Hoegen
Executive ProducerScott Kennedy
DirectorJames Head
Art DirectorRon Bignell
PhotographerHans Sipma
Director Of PhotographyPeter Woeste
Stunt CoordinatorLou Bollo
Additional VideoCoast Mountain Post Production
ProducerLouise Valgardson
Special Thanks ToLaurent Ancessi, Frank Barchard, Andrew Brownsword, Rick Friesen, Richard Garriott, Bruce Iggulden, Mark Lange, V. Paul Lee, Jay MacDonald, Randy Mainwood, Laurence Malley, David Mercier, Chris Roberts, Andrew Scott, Elias Soursos, Wilfred Allan Morse (W.A.M.), SHARX Recreation Service

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