Nemesis: The Wizardry Adventure Credits


Project LeaderLinda Currie
Original ConceptIan Currie
Story and Game DesignLinda Currie
Additional DesignDerek Beland, Ian Currie, Bret Rowdon
Level DesignCraig S. Daughtrey, Michael Fisher, Chris Fram, Cyrus Hogg, Dimitri Joannides, Steve McIvor
Scripting & DialogueBrenda Romero, Linda Currie
ProgrammingDerek Beland, Bret Rowdon
Additional ProgrammingLuis Huapaya
3D & AnimationCraig S. Daughtrey, Michael Fisher, Craig Fram, Cyrus Hogg, Dimitri Joannides, Steve McIvor
2D GraphicsJennifer Hamilton, Dimitri Joannides, Mohanned Mansour
MusicEric Heberling
SoundSean McDermott
DocumentationBrenda Romero, Nathan Koch
Manual Illustrations/PhotosDimitri Joannides
Quality AssuranceNathan Bruyere, Bill Dedi, Barry Gelfand, Dan Hosmer, Will Johnson, Nathan Koch, Harold Lehman, Phil Lewis, Joan McKeown, Charles Miles, Susan Niles, Christopher Pollard, Kathy Shaw, Dan Sherry, Amy Soule, Jeff Thorton, John Walcott, Marilyn Wasserman

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Credits for this game were contributed by Alexander Schaefer (2547)