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Network Q RAC Rally Championship Credits


ProgrammingDanny Hartley, Shaun Southern
Graphics / ArtworkIan Lewis, Andrew Morris
MusicDarren Ithell, Dave Sullivan
SoundDarren Ithell, Dave Sullivan
DocumentationKatrin Eismann
Project ManagerDoug Braisby, Ian Davies
Acting / VoiceoversMichael Wiese
Project Manager AssistanceLee Fahy
Product MarketingNeil Critchlow
German ProductionSoftware 2000
Manual TranslationMartina Vrenegor
Special Thanks toRAC Motorsport, Skoda A.A.S., Proton Cars UK Ltd., Volkswagen Audi Ltd., SBG Sport, Prodrive Ltd., Renault UK Ltd., Ford Motorsport, Everyman Rally School, Pollard Boxes, DSM, Malcolm Neill, Pavel Vachna, D. Slobodzianonova, David Fussell, Tracy Gannon, Steve Bagnall, Paul Banard, Belinda Jellett, Tom Hunt, Chris Bibb, Chris Huntley, Simon Tippett, Julian Lucas, Don McHugh, John Farnham, Marx Pollard, Darrel Stanyford
Project LeaderDoug Braisby, Ian Davies
Music / Sound ProgrammingDarren Ithell, Dave Sullivan
ProgrammingDanny Hartley, Shaun Southern
Graphics / ArtworkIan Lewis, Andrew Morris
Special Thanks ToDavid Hirst, Garry Hughes, Ian McFegan, Derek Meakin, Michael Meakin

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Credits for this game were contributed by robotriot (8629), Buuks (179) and formercontrib (159958)