Neverwinter Nights Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Opening Title (CGA)
Opening Title (EGA/VGA)
Opening Title (CGA)
Opening Title (EGA/VGA)
Main Title (CGA)
Main Title (EGA/VGA)
Opening Credits (EGA/VGA)
Character generation
You can choose a sprite that will be displayed for the character during battles.
In front of the city Neverwinter
Area map
You are camping.
Hi there, Lord Nasher! I hate you!!
Buying some jewels.
Exploring the streets of Neverwinter.
Visiting a blacksmith.
Meeting with a merchant.
Multi-colored walls
You are receiving a quest.
Attacked by some goblins.
Entrance to caverns
You won the battle. Now collect the treasure!
Fighting orcs. Those guys look tougher.
Searching a room. Nothing special here
The bridge to Windycliffs
One of the Dungeon master sub-menus. Change combat parameters.
Attacked by a crocodile.
A sewers dungeon
This monster looks very tough!
On the ship Gallant Prince
When you encounter monsters, you see a large picture.
It's a spooky place!
Ambushed and killed by a horde of ogres!
Entering port Llast.
Some plot advancement
A sinister outdoors area