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NHL 96 (DOS)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

NHL 96 Credits


ProgrammersSpencer Cathey, Kurt Kennett, Jay MacDonald, Eric Pauker, Daniel Swadling, Lance Wall, Victoria Wong
ArtistsGregory R. Allen, Phillip Chow, Andy Glivina, Norie Miura, Kristene Nielsen, Casey O'Brien, Dejan Stanisavljevic, Todd Wilson
3D Player AnimatorsThomas Graham, Peter Nash
3D Object AnimatorsJay Page, Dejan Stanisavljevic
Communications ProgrammingAndrew Brownsword, Rick Friesen, Kurt Kennett, David Lucas
Colourization TechnologyErik T. Kiss
MusicJeff van Dyck
Sound FXJeff van Dyck
Studio EngineerSteve Royea
Speech EditorGlenn Zielinski
Ring Rock MusicJames Bowers
Organ MusicJeff van Dyck, Michael J. Sokyrka
English Voice TalentMichael Donovan Mandap
German LocalizationFoster Hall
German TranslationRolf D. Busch, Bianca Normann
German Voice TalentMartin Siebel
GuitaristSaki Kaskamanidis
Video EditorDeane Bennett
Executive ProducersSam Nelson, Hanno Lemke
ProducerKen Sayler
DesignerKen Sayler
Development DirectorsFoster Hall, Brett Bradstock
Associate ProducerDave Warfield
Assistant ProducerRichard Mul
Video TechnicianRichard Mul
Production AssistantSerena Whitters
Technical SupportFrank Barchard, Gerry Shaw
Product ManagerClive Downie
DocumentationBill Scheppler (The Hammer)
Documentation LayoutTracey Innes
German DocumentationJörg Kähler
Package DesignLori Leahy
Package PhotographySports Action, Jim Turner
Package Art DirectionCorey Higgins
Lead TesterKurt Melnychuk
Backup LeadMichael Mann
Product TestersOcean Yeung, Jeff Yu, Josh Holmes, Demian Gordon, Byron Welch, Oggy Talic, David Lee, Peter Hong, Zach Silverman, Scott Ferrero, Shane Berezowski, Darren Hagman, Gordon Thornton, Martin Peterken, Gary Lam, Paul Tambellini
Roster VerificationDave Warfield
RatingsJohn Rosasco (of the New York Rangers)
Quality AssuranceJon Bruce, Rod Higo, Kurt Hsu, Kirk C. Scott, Simon Romans
Videos Provided byNHL Productions, NHLPA 
Statistical Data Provided ByStats Inc.
Photography Provided bySteve Babineau, Bruce Bennett
Special Thanks ToDavid Mercier, William M. Mozell, Taylor Moore, Terry Lee, Catherine Mary O'Brien (of the NHL), Doug Reid (of the NHLPA), Jimmy Hayward, Mike MacIntyre (of Leaf Inc.), John Smith, Advanced Gravis Computer Technology Ltd., Ron Smith, Jim Hughson, Geoff Courtnall, The Hockey News, Jim Capuano (of Stats Inc.), Esther Sumka, Erik Stroman, Gary Miller, Amory Wong, Rod Higo, Chip Lange, Friends, family, and loved ones, Studio Fröhling; Düsseldorf

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