Normality Credits (DOS)

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Normality Credits


WritingAdrian Carless
ProducerAdrian Carless, Mark Glossop
Lead ProgrammingGraeme Ing
3D Graphics EngineAntony Crowther
Audio ProgrammingAntony Crowther, Kevin Dudley
3D Environments & ArtworkRicki Martin, Christian Russell, Jonathan Sandford
MusicChris Adams, Neil Biggin, Pat Phelan
Sound EffectsNeil Biggin, Pat Phelan
3D Character ModellingBerni Hill (credited as Berni), Andy Campbell, Matt Furniss, Ira Hill, Oliver Murray
3D Sequence Animation and CompositingMatt Furniss, Ira Hill, Ricki Martin, Oliver Murray, Christian Russell, Jonathan Sandford
Character DesignLes Spink
In‑game Character AnimationAndy Campbell, Christian Russell, Jonathan Sandford
Voodoo InterfaceChristian Russell
Motion CaptureMick Sheehan, Tony Wills, Ben Wilson
Motion Capture ActorAlex Kelly
Motion Capture DogSuzie 
Character VoicesTom Hill, Lorelei King, Rob Rackstraw
Box and Manual DesignSarah Anne Nicholson, Martin Calpin, Matt Furniss
Manual TextAdrian Carless, Graeme Ing, Malchick Nostra
Quality AssuranceLee Campbell, Carl Cavers, Sim Furniss, Tony Howe, Rob Millington, Simon Short
Crackers and Asthma areNeil Biggin, Adrian Carless, John Davison
Marketing SquadJoe Chetcuti, Mark Mattocks, Sarah Osborne, Nicola Swift
SalesSteve Brown, Linda Cliff, Louise Dearing, Barry Hatch, Phillip Wright
ProductionSally Beedham, Lisa Gray
Software ManagerTim Heaton
Development ManagerJames North-Hearn

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Credits for this game were contributed by リカルド・フィリペ (123191) and Pix (1205)