North & South Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Opening screen with the language selection (EGA)
Title screen (EGA)
A battle is about to begin... (EGA)
A small battle (EGA)
Gather enough money and you'll receive a new army. (EGA)
Get ready, the battle is about to begin! (EGA)
Let's rob that train... (EGA)
Heh, you missed! (EGA)
Stop this train immediately! (EGA)
Beginning a new game in January 1864. (EGA)
Let's try to conquer this fortress. (EGA)
Be quick, you don't have much time for this. (EGA)
Well done, soldier! (EGA)
You can't move an army that is in a storm. (EGA)
Only one cannon left. (EGA)
A new army is arriving by ship. (EGA)
Game over (EGA)
Opening screen with the language selection (CGA)
Main menu (CGA)
The Confederacy is attacking, prepare for battle! (CGA)
Try to destroy the bridge while there are soldiers on it. (CGA)
Get outta my way, Yankee! (CGA)
On the battlefield (CGA)
Hold the cursor over an army for more info. (CGA)
Earning some cash for new troops. (CGA)
Jumping to the next railway waggon. (CGA)
Title screen (hercules graphic card)
Main menu (hercules graphic card)
USA map (hercules graphic card)
Charge! (hercules graphic card)
Battle in progress
Canyon bridge
Sturm on fort
Platform level
Title screen (Tandy)
Main menu / options screen (Tandy)
The US map from which we handle the strategic elements of the game (Tandy)
Battle! (Tandy)