Novastorm Credits


ProgrammingJohn McMurray, Oli Wright
Graphics / ArtworkChris Browne, Jeremy Oldreive
MusicRik Ede
SoundRik Ede
ProducerG. P. Everett
UndeterminedJim Bowers, Nicky Carus-Wescott, Colin Dempsey, Erik Noteboom, Keith J. Roberts
Voice CharacterisationSara Jones, Sean Kearney, Kevin McMahon
Voice Direction and Music ManagerPhilip Morris
Design and DirectionPaul Hilton
ScreenplayPaul Hilton, Jeremy Oldreive, Mat Toor
Manual DocumentationMark Day, Paul Hilton, Damian Noonan, Mat Toor
Packaging and DesignMark Hillman, Keith Hopwood, Richard Turner
Product ManagerPat Cain

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sick Boy (82) and Trixter (8777)