Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Main menu
Starting location. The game gives some helpful tips at the beginning
Grim "totalitarian" atmosphere with touches of dark humor prevails in the game
Finally outside. Touch the stone to get some advice. Jumping puzzle with falling stones ahead
Yeah, you need to pull that lever. But how can you do it with those ferocious animals guarding it?..
Abe will often go up and down on such platforms
Paramonian Nests, one of the most adrenaline-raising areas in the game - all done in shadowy graphics. Here you see two Paramites tear Abe apart
Entrance to Scrabania. Abe will chant (yo, yo, yo... :)) to get some advice
The game often shows two levels on one screen, one close, one remote
Even the loading screen is humorous
Scrabanian Nests. Abe is making a jump
Beautiful location, but also very dangerous: Scrapyards. Abe is relaxing in front of a cozy fire
Your heroic mission: rescue Mudokons...
...and lead them safely to portals
Abe is killed by a vicious Slog
The timer starts...
Oh no, so many bombs!