Written by  :  Nowhere Girl (3244)
Written on  :  Aug 20, 2013
Platform  :  DOS
Rating  :  3.25 Stars3.25 Stars3.25 Stars3.25 Stars3.25 Stars

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Oh Yes, More Lemmings!

The Good

Given the addictive character of Lemmings games, pretty much any decent set of levels is welcome. Psygnosis was quick to provide Lemming addicts a new game. ON!ML has slightly less levels than the original game, but in my opinion their new division is better - just 20 levels in each difficulty stage can make progressing feel faster. However, the difficulty curve isn't that simple - there are really tough "Wild" or even "Crazy" levels and there are really easy "Havoc" levels (for example the first level of this stage). This can feel inconsistent, but isn't really that bad - you can relax when playing some of the levels, while others keep you alert and busy.
The lemmings look the same, their skills are completely unchanged, however the areas are completely different now. While most levels don't look as good as the "underground" or "crystal" levels in the original game, most look nice in their own style, especially the "golden-blue" ones with lots of small pulsating balls in place of water. However, it's a pity the game doesn't have any "special" levels like in original "Lemmings" ("A Beast of a level" etc.).
Being happy about the game not having some bugs sound like really modest expectations, however it's nice that the game is free from a musical bug that spoiled gameplay in "Lemmings". In the original game if you fail a level, it restarts with melody no. 1, which of course can soon get boring under these circumstances (the only exceptions are the "special" levels, which don't change their music when replayed). Fortunately, there's no such bug in "Oh No! More Lemmings".
The original game had only one single-Lemming level on the very end of the game, ON!ML has two of them and they are closer to the middle.Actually the first one is more difficult - it requires great precision when building in a narrow corridor. The second one is weird - it's the only level in the whole game to be sped up in order to make it more difficult, yet it remains easier than the first single-Lemming level.

The Bad

Like all early Lemmings games, ON!ML has an uncomfortable level starting screen, especially in VGA version - somebody called it "Magic Eye screens" and they indeed look a bit like those images where you are supposed to see something in 3D (I don't). It's hard to read level data such as release rate or percentage of Lemmings to be saved when the letters aren't visible well on this bright background.
While I generally like the way levels are divided into stages here, the first stage is a bit of a throwaway. In the original games the first few levels were meant as tutorials, however then "ordinary" levels started and formed a majority of the first stage. The first stage in ON!ML isn't made of true tutorial levels - you have all skills available If you are and aren't told in any way what to do - however these levels are so trivial, so boring that they are just a waste of time.Their graphic quality is lower than in several later levels - when first playing this game I thought the graphics were a big step backwards compared with the original game. In all levels of this stage you have the same amount of time, the same number of Lemmings, the same release rate... The one thing I really liked about these levels was that in every single one it's possible to save all Lemmings.

The Bottom Line

If you are addicted to Lemmings and need to play "just one more level", you should enjoy this game. While still being "more of the same", it also feels different due to its different graphics and so can give some relief when you already feel you've had enough of (original) Lemmings - yet when having a break from this game, you still train your Lemming tactics.